Texture & Mood.  Something you miss in color but grabs your attention with b&w.

. . . if only we had a few more weeks.




soon over


My work will be up at the Darien Nature Center for another two weeks, til end of July.  If you haven’t had a chance to see it, I hope you can swing by before it comes down. I’ve had several sessions over the last month with crazy and fun animals that would have made a great addition to the  ”Pet Project” exhibit at the DNC.  This photograph is actually hanging at the Nature Center and is a personal favorite since this silly, happy dog, Tuque visits our house just about every day, causing quite a ruckus whenever she appears.  We love her though, with that cute mischievous smile, and wouldn’t have her any other way.


garage sessions


I have a new project in the works, capturing that unique friendship between teenagers … what we remember from our own childhood and what we see in our own teenage kids. The portraits are actually taken in my garage…hence “garage sessions”. Stay tuned for more.IMG_2420


. . . this Sunday is father’s day.  Here’s a recent one from a Tilley Pond session. Gift certificates are available if you’re still trying to figure out what to wrap up in time for breakfast on Sunday. And I hate to say it, but  I always like gifts that I can use as well…more like a gift for the family on father’s day;).  However you celebrate, hope it’s a great day.