a good year


Looking back at last year’s work  is always fun . . . and a good distraction since we’re in the midst of  battling the flu in our home along with snow and ridiculously cold weather!  When I was pulling together images for this 2014  video, I knew my favorites would be  ones that captured a mood, moment or personality of  a particular age. And looking at these images made me realize how quickly the year went by and how quickly our kids move through childhood.  It all passes so quickly. Photographs are important.

Many thanks to everyone, parents and kids alike, who worked  with me this past year.   It was a fun year and a good year.


2014 work from Julia Arstorp on Vimeo.



Goodbyes to good friends.



Texture & Mood.  Something you miss in color but grabs your attention with b&w.

. . . if only we had a few more weeks.




soon over


My work will be up at the Darien Nature Center for another two weeks, til end of July.  If you haven’t had a chance to see it, I hope you can swing by before it comes down. I’ve had several sessions over the last month with crazy and fun animals that would have made a great addition to the  ”Pet Project” exhibit at the DNC.  This photograph is actually hanging at the Nature Center and is a personal favorite since this silly, happy dog, Tuque visits our house just about every day, causing quite a ruckus whenever she appears.  We love her though, with that cute mischievous smile, and wouldn’t have her any other way.